Welcome to our Queendom!!!
Chosen Virtuous Queens is an all female social club founded in September 2009.  

Our mission is to serve and network throughout the community by giving back, doing hands on work and various charities. We collaborate with various clubs and organizations to reach one common goal...serving the community!

Our main two charities are Tender hands Senior Program and A Queen's Touch feeding the homeless program that reaches our community each month in ministering through love, spending quality time and showing support.  


What is a Queen?

A tender individual that the touches the soul and allows a deep love and understanding of people within her community.

 Each life she touches leaves a smile on their  face. A Queen's  time and commitment is not measured by the material things she gives her community, but by the time she spends to make a great impact.

 Her gift of charity work  is priceless and it is instilled in her heart. 

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